Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatments (RCT) are wonderful.
Because they are better than the alternative - taking the tooth out!
That's right, RCT means you get to keep your tooth!

What is a root canal treatment (RCT)?

At the heart of a tooth is a chamber that houses both the nerve + blood supply for it. This can extend extends into the roots of the tooth – these are referred to a the tooth root canal. Trauma or an infection can upset this site. Different teeth have a different number of root canals.

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Symptoms that may be a sign you require a root canal treatment

Your root canal treatment team

We use the latest equipment & have both highly qualified & experienced Dentists who can boast a high success rate & have completed countless successful Root canal treatments.

Are you anxious about root canal treatment?

The Myth

Most patients are – usually because have heard a scare story from someone … who knows someone .. who knows someone … who had a RCT

The Facts

After we complete the RCT patients are very happy to have had it , find it straight forward, much better than what they thought it would be & delighted they get to keep their tooth at the end.

Honestly the process is very straight forward with us. We listen to you to understand what the issue is & run through some checks, this usually includes a radiograph (x ray) – this is all part of the service.

Before we start the RCT we numb the tooth having the RCT – once you feel you are ready then we start the treatment.

After the RCT Patient we expect the the pain & swelling to have resolved – much to the patients satisfaction.